Emsculpt Vs Coolsculpt woman with abs

Emsculpting vs CoolSculpting

Losing weight is a chore; it requires dedication, commitment, and sacrifice. And even with a drastic change in diet and a regular exercise regimen, there are areas that are just extremely stubborn and difficult to tone. But a new wave of non-surgical techniques to remove fat have been catching on nationally. We’ll examine two ...

Hydrafacial Procedure Gendler Dermatology

All You Need To Know About Hydrafacials

This extremely popular facial technique uses a three-pronged attack to address a variety of patient concerns. Last year alone, more people opted for this patented procedure than for botox treatments. With a hydradermabrasion device, your doctor can scrub your skin, extract impurities from pores, and use customized fillers and se...

Gendler Dermatology Micellar Water

What is Micellar Water?

Micellar water has been used in French skin care products for decades, and in recent years, more American consumers have started catching on. Micellar water is a liquid solution that contains clusters of surfactants (molecules that help wash oil away) called micelles, which rearrange themselves when poured onto a cotton pad and ...

Gendler Dermatology: Some Basic Information About Facial Fillers

Some Basic Information About Facial Fillers

Time is undefeated. Thus far, humans have found no way to slow down the aging process, but science and dermatology have developed a number of methods to treat the dreaded combination of growing older and succumbing to gravity’s pull — especially on the face. Facial fillers and botox treatments both have the potential to reju...

Woman with two moles on her face

What You Need to Know About Moles

You know your skin better than anyone. And even when you take great pains to protect it from the sun, you need to be vigilant about and attentive to any irregularities that show up. Moles happen in many places, and they happen to most people. They’re common, and a lot of them can be completely fine and not a threat. That doesn...

Gendler Dermatology Fraxel

Fraxel: A Different Type of Laser Surgery

Aesthetic laser therapy has come a long way in the past several decades. Fractional photothermolysis, or Fraxel treatments, provides far more precision and subtlety than many previous iterations of laser work. There are some parallels to acupuncture, in which creating micro-injury to a certain area can stimulate the body’s nat...


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