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Here at Gendler Dermatology we understand the differences between the skin of men and women. There are many structural and anatomical differences and understanding these is integral to effectively treating male skin.

In addition, the desired aesthetic outcomes for men differ significantly from those for women; therefore, an extensive understanding of male cosmetic trends must be taken into account.

At Gendler Dermatology we boast some the most knowledgeable and successful cosmetic dermatologists to treat the male patient in NYC, and we address concerns ranging from general skin care to cosmetic procedures. We provide a full range of men’s services, including those that target acne, eczema, hair loss, acne scars, sun damage, non-invasive fat removal, facial cosmetic volume replacement and anti-wrinkle treatments, including fillers and neurotoxins.

Our board-certified dermatologists take pride in tailoring skin and body treatments to each male patient, with his unique set of goals and attributes and look forward to taking part in your general and cosmetic male dermatologic concerns.


Make your skin a priority with our leading Upper East Side Medical and Cosmetic Board-Certified Dermatologists.

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