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What to Expect from my BOTOX Appointment

BOTOX is a safe, effective, and popular FDA-approved neuromodulator that is known for its ability to erase fine lines and wrinkles. When properly injected by an experienced board-certified dermatologist, it relaxes facial muscles and diminishes crow’s feet, smile lines, and forehead wrinkles.

While BOTOX is being offered everywhere from medical spas to your neighborhood dentist’s office, results vary widely based on the injector’s experience and training. We are board-certified dermatologists who are experts in facial anatomy. We have gained our experience through years of injecting patients with BOTOX.

What to expect from my BOTOX appointment?

BOTOX injections are a straightforward treatment. After assessing your face and understanding your concerns, Dr. Gendler and her associates will use a fine needle to carefully inject small amounts of BOTOX in the targeted areas. It takes only a few minutes to treat each area of the face. Pre-injection photographs are taken before the treatment is given.

Who needs preventative BOTOX (Baby BOTOX)?

Dr. Gendler advocates the use of preventative BOTOX to prevent deep lines from forming in patients in their 20s and 30s. In the same way that it is important to start exercising early in life to train your muscles, starting BOTOX treatments early to train certain facial muscles to work less forcefully can help maintain a relaxed look as the years progress. It will not change the way you look – your expression should remain natural.

Think about it this way; if you have a pair of pants with a crease that you iron over and over, the crease will become permanent. It is the same with the creases on your face. With BOTOX, you can help prevent fine lines from deepening to become wrinkles over time.

During a Baby BOTOX treatment, small amounts of botox is injected into your muscles to help you retrain your facial movements before deep lines form.

Botox is also used around the eyebrows and forehead for a “chemical brow lift” as a way to prevent the need for brow lift surgery later on.

How to choose the best doctor for my BOTOX treatment?

If you want a natural and effective result, you should choose your doctor with care. Research their education, training, and experience level before booking an appointment.

Providers who lack a deep understanding of facial anatomy can inject BOTOX into the wrong muscles, resulting in a very unnatural or unattractive look. For example, if BOTOX is injected into the muscles that hold your eyes open, the result can be a droopy eyelid.

How to Choose the Best Doctor for My BOTOX Treatment

You may be tempted to think it is an easy procedure. The reality, however, is that the placement of each injection requires a lot of planning and thought. This is something that only comes with experience and training.

Dr. Gendler has extensively studied facial anatomy in order to provide her patients with the best BOTOX treatments. In addition, she has personally trained many physicians in the art and techniques of BOTOX injections.

When performing BOTOX, our doctors take great care to prevent a frozen appearance. You have probably seen this on some celebrities who can only raise one eyebrow or who have lines only on their upper forehead. This can be avoided by understanding the intricate anatomy of facial muscles and how they work together.

How Long Does BOTOX Last?

How long does BOTOX last?

You will see the full results of your treatment within a week. From this point onward, the results start to diminish slowly over the next four months.

The good news is that the number of treatments you need over time will become less frequent if you stick to a regular schedule. Most of our patients are able to increase the time between treatments after a year of routine BOTOX injections.

Which areas do we treat with BOTOX?

Contrary to popular belief, BOTOX is not a magical elixir that can be used to reverse all signs of aging!

Botox is used to treat the following:

  • Crow’s feet for patients whose dynamic smiles cause the development of radiating lines around the eyes.
  • Lines around the mouth, such as “smoker’s lines” and pucker lines.
  • Loose skin on the neck – for patients with minimal skin laxity only
  • Gummy smiles
  • Drooping nasal tip
  • Flaring nostrils
  • Sweaty palms
  • Excessive underarm sweating
  • Certain cases of facial asymmetry

Is BOTOX right for everyone?

Your friend looks amazing and you ask what her secret is. BOTOX, she says with a smile.

Unfortunately, BOTOX is not right for everyone. If you are interested in BOTOX, Dr. Gendler will examine your face to determine how your muscles move to create your unique facial expressions. She may recommend another facial filler or cosmetic laser treatment to address some of your concerns.

What are the risks associated with BOTOX?

Unlike facial fillers, the results of BOTOX cannot be reversed if you are unhappy with them. Avoid droopy eyelids and a “frozen” look by picking the right physician to inject your face.

In very rare cases, patients may have an adverse reaction to BOTOX. This is why it is critical that you work with a skilled physician who has extensive experience working with botulinum toxins.

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You will see the results within 5-7 days. When possible, particularly after the first treatment, we ask that you return to the office within 2 weeks of your treatment so our doctors can evaluate the results. If needed, additional touch-ups will be performed in that time frame for no charge unless additional areas are treated.

We perform BOTOX injections using the smallest needle available on the market, which means the injections are not painful, though there is occasionally the smallest bit of discomfort.

Dr. Gendler has a very light hand and her patients are almost always able to skip numbing creams entirely.

Much like we use the brand name Kleenex to describe any tissue, BOTOX has become a catchphrase for a variety of botulinum toxin products. If you have a preference for a certain brand, you will be happy to hear that we offer all of the leading botulinum toxin products at our Upper East Side practice, including Xeomin, Dysport, and Jeuveau.


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