older couple with beautiful healthy skin | skincare products for aging gracefully

Skincare Products That Will Help You Age Gracefully

Good news: it is never too late to start on a skincare regimen that will help you age gracefully. Though you cannot stop aging (hence I don’t like to use the term anti-aging), the sooner you start using scientifically-proven skincare products, the more you will benefit. First, let’s talk about aging. There are two type...

woman fanning herself | menopause and topical estrogen

Menopause, Topical Estrogen, and Skin Health

Today we are talking about menopause, its effects on the body, and the role that topical estrogen plays in skin health. Menopause is a topic that some doctors continue to avoid to the detriment of millions of women every year. This infuriates me on so many levels. As Susan Dominus wrote in the New York Times earlier this ...

young woman with healthy skin | DNA repair enzymes

Make DNA Repair Enzymes Part of Your Skincare Routine ASAP

On Instagram, you can often find me debunking skincare hype and product myths. So many products do not deliver the results that are promised, and this makes DNA repair enzymes stand out. In the realm of effective skincare products, these are backed by science, and I strongly recommend everyone use them as part of their skincare ...

woman on beach | sun protection

How to Maximize Sun Protection

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I talk about sun protection a lot. You also know that my favorite chemical sunscreen - and the one I recommend to almost everyone - is not available in the US. In fact, finding what I (and other dermatologists) consider the highest quality chemical sunscreens in the US is very difficu...

woman with flowing brown hair | hair loss treatments

Hair Loss Treatments That Work

Hair loss is one of the top reasons patients come to our practice. The good news: hair loss is treatable in both men and women. The bad news: many of the hair loss treatments on the market do not work.  I have some mild hair loss myself, and every day, I am inundated with ads for hair remedies like Vegamour, Briogeo, Revela,...

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Our Short and Sweet Guide to Mosquito Repellent

With summer here, bugs are out in full force. Time to grab that mosquito repellent so you can sit back and relax when you’re spending time outside. Of course, avoiding itchy bug bites is important, but don’t forget that mosquitoes and other insects can carry West Nile virus, Zika virus, and Lyme disease (to name a few!). ...


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