This might sound crazy, but we love figuring out effective acne treatments for our patients. Treating acne is often like solving a puzzle. Once we fit the pieces together, our patients can soon enjoy healthy, radiant skin.

Acne is not one-size-fits-all. So many factors contribute to acne, and each patient’s contributing factors are different. Acne can be genetic or hormonal in nature. It can be related to products you’re using. It could be cystic and likely to scar, superficial and easy to control, or a combination of both.

We’re always disappointed when we hear that patients have been let down by the results (or lack of) from other dermatology practices. Hearing about short and perfunctory visits for prescription refills without an exam or even a conversation always leaves us shaking our heads. 

Our approach is very different.

How we approach effective acne treatments

For your first visit, we take a thorough medical history, review previous treatments and procedures, and ask about your lifestyle and habits. Students and athletes often have different acne challenges than a skin picker, menopausal woman, or a young man with specific shaving practices.  

We will also look for other medical issues, such as thinning hair on the scalp or excess body hair on a female patient.

Next, we will discuss treatment options that are best suited to your individual situation. 

If topical treatments are the way to go, our team will spend time counseling you on proper usage. Far too many patients have told us they can’t tolerate certain topical acne treatments, and then we find it’s because they were never properly instructed on how to use them!

For tougher cases involving blackheads and cysts, we have found that expert cleaning (for blackheads) and draining (of cysts), with an occasional injection of an anti-inflammatory into the cyst, is the gold standard.  

Many offices will no longer prescribe Accutane (Isotretinoin) because of the onerous paperwork that’s required. In our opinion, any patient whose life might be positively affected by taking this medication is worth investing that time for, and we do this every day in our practice.  

Let’s end your struggle with acne 

We will customize a treatment plan for you so you can enjoy the clear and beautiful skin you deserve. Make an appointment today!


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