The Clear and Brilliant laser is a fantastic treatment option for those who want to improve or prevent the signs of aging with minimal downtime. In this blog post, we’ll break down why we (and our patients) are fans of this laser resurfacing option.

The Clear and Brilliant laser can improve skin texture, clarity, and tone

Clear and Brilliant is a gentle laser resurfacing treatment that uses beams of light to exfoliate layers of skin, reverse signs of sun damage, and help prevent some of the signs of aging skin. 

Treatments rejuvenate skin by improving texture, clarity, and tone. More specifically, it can lighten dark spots, lessen the appearance of fine lines, somewhat minimize large pores, and smooth rough texture.

Patients tend to be extremely satisfied and report a “youthful glow” and overall improvement in skin health. 

It helps skin heal itself

The device uses fractional technology, which splits laser energy into many tiny beams, which create thousands of microscopic punctures in the top layers of your skin. Your skin’s natural ability to heal itself is stimulated, and new collagen is made. 

Since the laser leaves the skin around each tiny puncture untouched, your body is able to recover much faster than with other laser treatments—meaning less downtime for you. 

It’s a great option for those with minimal signs of aging

The device works well for men and women who have minimal signs of aging skin, are looking for a treatment with little or no downtime, and are seeking lovely, but not dramatic, results. It is also ideal for younger individuals who want to maintain good skin quality. 

Even though the Fraxel laser is considered a more effective treatment for overall rejuvenation, it comes with more significant downtime. Clear and Brilliant is often referred to as a “baby Fraxel” because it uses the exact same wavelength but at a weaker power. Many of the same results can be achieved, but it requires several sessions over the course of a few months to give a comparable outcome.

Clear and Brilliant laser is not intended for patients with extensive sun damage; those patients need a Fraxel or even an ablative CO2 laser treatment to achieve optimal results. 

Treatment is quick and downtime is minimal

Sessions typically require less than thirty minutes. Topical numbing cream is sufficient to alleviate any discomfort, though some people report a stinging or scratching sensation during the procedure. 

After the treatment, an antioxidant and a soothing serum will be applied to treated skin. It is fine to use a light makeup if needed afterwards, but hold off on retinoids or glycolic acids for a few days until the little dots left behind by treatment fade away.

As I mentioned above, Clear and Brilliant has minimal to no downtime. Immediately after the procedure, you may experience redness for a few hours. Within a day or two, the skin begins to feel like sandpaper to the touch. It won’t be visible to anyone else unless you have many pigmented patches that are being treated. You might see some improvement after just one treatment, but it usually takes at least three or four to notice significant change.  

The number of sessions needed varies by your skin type, treatment goals, and needs. For best results, treatments are initially done every three weeks for a few months and then maintained with two or three treatments each year.  

Talk to an expert about Clear and Brilliant

If you are interested in freshening your look and improving skin texture, clarity, and tone, schedule a consultation with us. We will listen to your concerns, evaluate your skin, and discuss if Clear and Brilliant is an ideal treatment option for you.


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