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Before and After Images

Woman's body (abdomen), before and after Emsculpting treatment, front view, patient 1
Male body (abdomen), before and after Emsculpting treatment, front view, patient 2
Male body (abdomen), before and after Emsculpting treatment, front view, patient 3

What is Emsculpting?

Electromagnetic pulses are used to target some of the hardest areas to tone: the abs and buttocks. By delivering small “shocks” deep to the muscles, they are induced to contract more forcefully and frequently than they would normally in a strenuous workout. Some doctors have seen results of significant in muscle tone over several months. In general, four treatments over two weeks should give a nice result. But it needs maintenance in terms of regular exercise and periodic “touch-ups” with Emsculpt. It’s important to keep in mind that this is not a one-time fix for belly fat or unwanted cellulite. It should be a complement to regular exercise and a healthy diet. The process may sound too good to be true, and it’s not a miracle cure for a steady intake of pizza and wine.certainly pricey, but it is a great way to kick-start something or hone an exercise regimen you have already begun.

Is there downtime or adverse effects?

There’s really no downtime for Emsculpting. An abdominal treatment takes about 30 minutes and consists of alternating stages of contractions and gentle “thumping” to release lactic acid before muscle cramps can ensue. Working on the buttocks is slightly different but is also not something that will leave you sore. Your muscles are being forced to contract sometimes up to a thousand times per second. That’s not going to feel normal, though it is not painful. Afterward, it can feel like you’ve done an intense workout, but there is no significant recovery from the treatment. Our patients have been excited and satisfied with the results, as have our staff members, who are clamoring to get on the machine any chance they can get!

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